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The Big Cliif Gold Mines
Liberty Mining District. Siskiyou County, CA
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The Big Cliff Gold Mines
160 acre unpatented mining claim 
Liberty Mining District - Siskiyou County, CA
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in a region highly prized for its richness in gold 
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Historically rich gold mining region
Siskiyou County contained more than 370 once active gold mines which yielded approximately 1,800,000 troy ounces of gold between 1880-1959, with a large unrecorded amount produced between 1850 and 1880, which may have amounted to another 1-2M ounces. 

Compared to other California counties, little has been officially reported regarding gold production, and what has been recorded, equates to billions at today's gold prices.

Gold is not the only metal of importance in Siskiyou County. The county is said to contain large platinum group metal deposits as well. This is a region that offers enormous opportunity for further mines development and exploration potential. 
Mining operations of the past merely dented the surface. 
The Big Cliff Gold Mines sits right in the middle of it all.
The richness of this region and the gold recovered is documented in multiple County, State, and Federal reports and documents. Many leading geologists confirm that the gold bearing trend in this district extends for miles and to unknown depths. 
This triangular group of mountains is historically rich in sources of gold.
This is a rare opportunity to own a gold mining property that provides excellent access to approximately seven (7) documented gold mines in a region that is historically known as one of the richest gold producers in the United States.