The Big Cliff Gold Mines - Prime for gold-finding exploration.
property gold specimen.
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This Is Pocket Gold Country! 

          First Class.  An extraordinarily rare gold property listing. 
Authentic proven gold mines in an elite gold-rich region -
Just waiting to be explored. 

The Big Cliff Gold Mines presents a great variety of opportunity for anything from casual to serious gold mining ventures in one of the richest gold mining regions in the U.S.. The property offers an intriguing opportunity for the possible discovery of large quantities of gold within a proven region which boasts a phenomenal record of gold production history and ongoing gold discoveries.

This is a comfortable property for recreationally mining if that's all you want to do. It's location is a mere 1/2-hr. drive from the town of Etna where all convenient accommodations are available - a very rare attribute. You can work the property &/or simply hold (it) as a speculative investment opportunity in the event of patenting being reinstated &/or the price of gold going higher, or start right back up again with more serious operations where the old-timers left off.  
The Big Cliff Gold Mines offers loads of opportunity for excitement & adventure. 
It just doesn't get much better than this.

Located in the heart of some of the richest gold country in America...
Klamath National Forest, Liberty Mining District, Siskiyou County, CA

If it's quality you seek, contact us when you're ready to own a gold property. 

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  • Massive 160 acre gold property in a highly coveted gold-rich region.
  • 7 documented gold mines & surrounding gold prospecting lands in pocket-gold country!  .
  • Remote, secluded, terrifically scenic, good access!
  • Prime for all types of gold-finding exploration - Wide-ranging opportunity for gold mining ventures - Everything from casual use during holiday vacations for the weekend enthusiast to the serious seasoned prospector.  
  • Easy access to comfortable riverside campsite(s).
  • Super convenient location - 20-miles to town!
  • An exceptionally large area for prospecting with big skies & fun terrain. Offers perfect balance between ease and challenge.
  • Old jeep trail &/or for riding ATV's up & down the river & back & forth to the mines!
  • Many lifetimes of intriguing quartz-filled rock outcrops to examine. Every inch of this property needs to be detected for huge gold reserves. That'll keep everyone in your party busy!
  • Thousands of ounces in gold reserves estimated in a well proven, documented, high-grade gold region that has yet to be explored by modern means. Bring your metal detectors!
  • Handsome speculative investment opportunity. Work the property or simply hold (it) in the event of patenting being reinstated or the price of gold going higher. 
  • If you're looking for an extraordinary group of gold mines located off the beaten path but not too far from town - An exceptional gold property that offers more than the usual area to prospect in a region that's well known for its big gold history and present-day gold discoveries, then this is a listing you might want to consider!
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