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Brown's Bar II Placer Gold Property on "The Richest Little River In America!"
This Is Gold Country!           It just doesn't get much better than this.
The mining claims we offer for sale are guaranteed to contain paying quantities of gold.  They have never been worked over by any clubs or worked in excess by any modern mining methods. They have never been mined by us beyond routine sampling and assessment work, always ensuring intact, uncompromised values. 

If it's quality you seek, contact us when you're ready to own a gold property. 

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A scenic getaway destination when you need to un-wind... A gold property to be handed down with pride from generation to generation. You won't find anything else quite like it anywhere in the U.S..  Select - Rare - Gold Rich. This is not your average gold claim.

This property is extremely rare. A very limited number of gold claims are on this river. Folks who own these gold property's hold on to them generation after generation. If you're looking to own one of the very best gold property's in America, this is an offer you might want to consider.