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The Big Cliff Gold Mines
160 acre unpatented mining claim 
Liberty Mining District, Siskiyou County, CA
A World-Class Gold Property Listing
This Is Pocket Gold Country! 
A long ago forgotten arena for searching for lot's of high-grade gold.
in a region highly prized for its richness in gold 
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Prime for gold-finding exploration! Single vein occurrences in this region typically bring $20M prox.. How much gold could you find by using today's modern methods? None, if you're not actively searching for these reserves.  
Bring your metal detectors!
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Included with this sale:  One (1) unpatented placer gold mining claim.  What's this?
Name:  The Big Cliff Gold Mines
Apprx. acreage:  160  
Location:  Klamath National Forest, Liberty Mining District,Siskiyou County, CA 
CAMC Number: 0291856
Description: SW1/4 SE1/4, Sec. 29, T40N, R10W, and in the NW1/4 NE1/4, Sec. 32, T40N, R10W, MDM


The State of California Division of Mines has documented that most single vein occurrences is about $20-Million at today’s price. In most instances there were/are multiple fault/vein systems within each of these mines. This vast 160-acres is virtually un-explored. Bring your metal detectors! 

If you're looking for an extraordinary gold property that's located off the beaten path but not too far from operational provisions...  An exceptional gold property that offers more than the usual area to prospect for gold in a region that's well known for its big gold history and present-day gold discoveries, then this is a listing you might want to consider.

Prime for gold-finding exploration. Year-round prospecting opportunities in a proven gold-rich environment. 
Never systematically prospected by modern means. You can be the first! This is not your average gold claim.


Access / Accommodations / About

Property offers an extraordinarily large remote area where you can ride your ATV's, have comfortable places to camp, prospect & metal detect in a proven gold rich region that presents just enough ease and challenge. This is a property where you might have a lot of fun looking for life-altering gold values. If you're looking for near perfection in gold property ownership, this could be it.

Big Cliff’s location is approximately 23-miles SW of the town of Etna in Siskiyou County, California, USA, and spans an area of a massive 160-acres on the north slope of the Salmon Mountains at an elevation range of apprx. 6,000 feet above mean sea level. The property is ideal for anyone looking for the adventure of setting up a primitive gold prospecting base-campsite on the property, &/or you may choose to use the Idlewild campground &/or the LDMA grounds that offers extra comfort & enjoyment on a crystal clean river. Lots of choices. Switch them up. Use them all! Whatever you're in the mood for.  The property’s location is immersed in a historically rich gold bearing trend as stated and released by state and federal agencies, historians, geologists, scientists, and gold mining experts alike regarding this region. The Big Cliff Mines property offers an intriguing opportunity for the possible discovery of large quantities of gold within a proven region which boasts a phenomenal record of gold production history and ongoing gold discoveries.

Serious to casual / recreational gold mining opportunities are abundant. This is a comfortable property for recreationally mining if that's all you want to do.  You can work the property &/or simply hold (it) as a speculative investment opportunity in the event of patenting being reinstated &/or the price of gold going higher, or start right back up again with more serious operations if that's what you prefer. Could be lot's of fun if a few buddy's shared the property jointly. Many activities to be enjoyed in all directions.  A property this large offers many different options. 

A little history…

The Big Cliff Group of mines were originally staked by H. B. Wintering around 1903. Within the boundaries of these original twelve claims were several tunnels and adits. The upper group of three adits are at approximately 6000 ft. in elevation while the lower four adits are about 500 feet lower. Mr. Wintering and workers drove over 2000 feet of adits/tunnels in total. One tunnel actually goes completely through a mountain.

The well known John Boyle was a consulting engineer for Mr. Wintering here and for other nearby mines. There was some high grade ore milled early on but there was also a large body of lower grade material here as well. It was thought that the whole mass of siliceous schist carried values of such that a large enough tonnage of this ore could be developed into a paying commercial project. However; there was also high grade pocket gold that produced extreme specimens. Some of it was donated to the large gold display at the Siskiyou County Courthouse in Yreka California.

These properties are located in a 2 mile by 7 mile band of highly productive gold mines. They sit directly above and adjacent to several large placer fields and one old hydraulic operation. There are three productive waterways just below as well including the North Fork of the Salmon River, the North Russian Creek, and the South Russian Creek. There are also small feeders like Applesauce Creek and Johns Meadows Creeks that contribute to this entire system of rich placer ground.

The historical Finley Camp and the Salmon River Mines (reportedly produced $50K at $20 ounce gold) are located below the Big Cliff about three miles. From the town of Etna, a hard surface road leads you directly to multiple camping areas and then a well maintained Forest Service Road runs for about one mile to the trailhead. A quad can access this last couple of miles of trail that lead to the mines.

This would be an outstanding venture project for any LDMA member. You would truly have the best of all worlds in gold prospecting...unlimited camping, multiple waterways to pan, highbank, & sluice; with hardrock and metal detecting opportunities galore.

The State of California Division of Mines has documented that the ore in these mines averaged about one half ounce of gold per ton and that most single vein occurrences were in the neighborhood of 30K tons of ore averaging .5 OPT. This would equate to about 15K ounces of gold produced per system which is about $20M at today’s price. Estimates are that maybe 25% of the total of these individual orebodies were ever exploited. In most instances, there were/are multiple fault/vein systems within each of these mines. The final straw was the L-208 act which effectively ended gold mining in 1942. The Big Cliff Mines remain as they were left back for exploration and development!

Directions   view map

From Etna travel 20 miles southwest, up and over the pass (Etna Pass) to Idlewild campground. Apprx. 3-miles south from Idlewild is where you will find the Big Cliff Gold Mines property.

Roads and Access 

Access routes within gold bearing areas is typically a concern for any mining operations. One of the very valuable assets of the Big Cliff Gold Mines is the existence of a good network of roads and trails.. The existence of roads is a key feature of the Big Cliff Mines, and one that increases not only the value of the property, but the ability to recover the minerals with a higher margin of profit.

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Development - Mining Potential

Similar to other mines in this region, the ore deposit throughout this district is mesothermal. This factor eliminates the problem of limited ore depths associated with epithermal and steeply dipping ore deposits. The old timers only mined down dip on ore bodies that broke surface. No attempt was made to systematically explore the huge vein areas further into the mountains.  This property contains several past producing mines and many old prospects that were only modestly explored. In essence, some of the surface deposits were all that were exploited leaving untold values remaining.

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Situated in the middle of 3 major wilderness areas...
Separated from the Redwoods only by the coastal range... 
Vast beauty, Lesser-traveled, Adventure, Excitement...

Extreme Northern California's Gold Rich Salmon River Region
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