Some Of Our Gold Samples   
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Salmon River flakes, fines and gold nuggets
Salmon River gold nuggets
Crystalline pocket gold specimens
(7-oz. and 25-oz.)
Salmon River gold nuggets
Salmon River flakes, fines & nuggets
Salmon River placer gold
Pocket gold specimen - quartz stringer -
Salmon River flakes, fines & nuggets
Pocket gold specimen
7-oz. pocket gold specimen
Salmon River gold nuggets
Recovered in one season
Approx. 30-oz.Troy
(2.5 pounds)
Crystalline pocket gold specimen -
Crystalline quartz pocket gold specimen
Salmon River placer gold - flakes, fines & nuggets
Property sampling gold recovery
Salmon River Flakes, Fines & Nuggets
25-oz. crystalline pocket gold specimen -
"I cleaned out the crevice & stopped for lunch.. Before heading to eat at camp, I wanted to check the sluice to see if that crack had any gold in it. I saw nothing going up the nozzle.

I about fell over!  There was more gold in the top portion of the sluice than I had ever seen before. I can't even begin to describe the amount of color. It was everywhere!" 
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Liberty & Salmon River Mining Districts. Siskiyou County, CA

We are a small independent company with more than 40-years experience in the gold mining industry who have predominantly focused our attention and gold recovery labors in this region.

While taking in to account what has been documented by state and federal agencies, historians, geologists, scientists, & by way of our own experience, we believe this area represents an incredible opportunity for recovering mass quantities of gold within proven gold producing trends that boast phenomenal records of gold production history. 

We invite you to consider the few mining properties we are offering for sale in this region.

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Salmon River Region Gold Samples

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