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A Short Story

The Money's In The Bank!
(the river bank)
I remember hearing a story about the time... 

when Mike, (Owner/Founder of The Claim Post), first met Eddy. Mike was relatively new to the area back in the late 70's and was working a dredging operation on the North Fork of the Salmon River at the old Dougherty Mine just up the river from Eddy's big river bar...

Most mornings, before the day's work began, Mike used to like to take his hot coffee down to the river just to sit quietly on a rock at riverside and sip from his cup while awakening in the warmth of the new morning sun.  On occasion though however, he recalls the peaceful tranquility of some of those mornings being brusquely disrupted by the husky sound of heavy equipment being fired up somewhere off in the distance.  He noticed the equipment would run for about 15 minutes or so and then suddenly stop... sometimes resting silently for weeks at a time before he might hear it being used again.   

As time went on, Mike came to discover where the sound was coming from, and met, Eddy.   The two became fast friends - so much that eventually one day Eddy showed Mike a little bit of his hidden treasure... Old cans and jars of every size imaginable filled with some of the gold he'd mined from his big North Fork Salmon River bar.  Being new, inexperienced and really excited about all the gold he was finding in his own right, coupled with all the richness he was being shown by others of what they were finding too, Mike remembers asking the old-timer why on earth he only ran his operation 15 minutes at a time when there was so much gold he could gather if he worked his river bar all day long?!  

"The money's in the bank, son!", Eddy rationally replied... (the river bank).  "I simply make a withdrawal whenever I need it, for as much as I need!".

Written with an insider's perspective in homage to one of the citizens who called this region home;

Ed Kramer
North Fork Salmon River
Siskiyou County, CA

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While taking in to account what has been documented by state and federal agencies, historians, geologists, scientists, & by way of our own experience, we believe this area presents incredible opportunities for recovering substantial quantities of gold. 

This ancient river system boasts phenomenal records of gold production history. 

We invite you to consider the few gold mining claim properties we are offering for sale in this region.

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Situated in the middle of 3 major wilderness areas...
Separated from the Redwoods only by the coastal range... 
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