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A World-Class Gold Property Listing
The South Bank Placer Gold Property
20 acre unpatented mining claim 
Salmon River Mining District - Siskiyou County, CA
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Note: This map is accurate for illustrative purposes only. The full legal description of this mining claim is on public record at the Bureau of Land Management, Sacramento, CA.

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Located in an area that is considered one of the hottest parts of the South Fork in a remote section of the ancient river channel. Unique wide-ranging opportunities in a comfortable scenic setting for searching for lots of high-grade gold.
1/4 mile of one of the
richest rivers in America.
in a district where its big gold history and present-day gold discoveries are well documented. 

A World-Class Gold Property Listing
A World-Class Gold Property Listing
in a region highly prized for its richness in gold 
World-Class gold properties for sale
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