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A World-Class Gold Property Listing
The South Bank Placer Gold Property
20 acre unpatented mining claim 
Salmon River Mining District - Siskiyou County, CA
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What one most often finds in any historically productive placer gold mining area is all the accessible good (mineral-in-character) placer ground is staked up, and has been for decades with title maintained.

In other instances, some unclaimed land may be "mineral-in-character", but the deposit is situated in extremely rugged utterly inaccessible terrain, steep-walled canyons, sometimes without even an access trail, and/or miles from existing roads.

This is a rare opportunity to own a gold property with perfectly easy access in a district where its big gold history and present-day gold discoveries are well documented on a river that is historically known as one of the richest gold producers in the United States. Nuggets up to several ounces are very common in this area. This is a region where Claimants find gold in paying quantities, rather than just specks of color.
No-where are you likely to find a better opportunity for owning a gold property such as this, located in one of the richest gold mining regions in America.
This is an area where untold amounts of gold can still be found - 
In a region that continues to pay its property owners in heavy quantities of gold.
First-Class Quality  -  A Rare Opportunity

The South Bank Placer Gold Property
On the South Fork of the Salmon River, in Siskiyou County, CA
The South Bank PMC
20- acres on the
South Fork of the Salmon River
Located right in the heart of some of the richest gold country in America.
The Ancient River Channel runs right through this gold property.  The Ancient Rivers of Gold in northern California are from the Tertiary Period. The tertiary rivers existed millions of years ago and many of them had large quantities of gold within their gravels.  They are known as; "The Ancient Rivers of Gold".
A World-Class Gold Property Listing
A World-Class Gold Property Listing
in a region highly prized for its richness in gold 
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A World-Class Gold Property Listing