Note: This map is accurate for illustrative purposes only. The full legal description of these gold properties is on public record at the Bureau of Land Management, Sacramento, CA.
PLANS THAT WERE NEVER REALIZED  -  A short time prior to the Government Limiting Order L-208 dated October 8, 1942, closing all gold mines, the tunnel reached its objective, which was the downward extension of the orebody worked in the upper tunnel.  THE RESULTS WERE HIGHLY SATISFACTORY.  The vein of gold-bearing ore was seven feet wide, a large increase over the four-foot width in the upper tunnel.

Gold was distributed throughout the entire width of the vein and had not diminished in value in this additional depth to the lower tunnel.  For the twenty-foot advance into the orebody, at the time of the Government Closing Order, samples of ore were running from $11.78 to $70.00 per ton (equal to 1/2 oz. to slightly over 3 opt ).  On the theory of parallel veins, a decision was made to drive a prospect tunnel into the unexplored area to the right of the present tunnel.  At a distance of one hundred and twenty feet a six-foot vein with gold-bearing quartz was struck, establishing evidence that the two veins thus far explored have depth and excellent width for profitable mining.    All area shown is included within this sale.
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A World-Class Gold Property Listing
The Trail Creek Gold Mines
920 combined acres - 6 contiguous unpatented mining claims 
Salmon River Mining District - Siskiyou County, CA
World-Class gold properties for sale
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