King Solomon Mine was a major producer of lode gold.
(General Location - Not property boundaries)
In all regional stream gravels,  gold and platinum is found

Along every mile of the Salmon River in Siskiyou County, placer gold is found.  Almost every type of placer mining has been used on the river. Both the north and south forks have been highly productive - This is one of the richest river systems in America.

Many have done quite a bit of mining in this county with enormous  success.  Gold is not the only metal of importance in Siskiyou County.  The county is said to contain large Platinum Group metal deposits. Platinum on the Salmon River and its tributaries is large, with nuggets up to 1 ounce being recovered. Aside from the placers, lode veins were found and predominantly mined until 1940. The lodes have been known to have had both massive bodies and stringers which ran to high grade pockets.  The area was active until the start of World War II, and some prospecting has taken place since.

Caution: The roads of this region are winding, steep, and can be extremely narrow. You might want to take a good look in a car before driving them in a motor home or pulling a trailer. There are road signs that discourage RV’s on some parts of the road, so you will want to look first.  Winter road conditions can often be severe.  (Check before traveling.) 
South Fork Salmon River
North Fork Salmon River
Black Bear Mine - most noted and lgst. quartz producer in Sisk.Cnty. 200,000 oz. Au  
1855-1965 Sawyers Bar reports. 16,000 oz. placer & 20,000 oz. lode.
Forks of Salmon -  Center of large gold mining ops in 1800's.
properties group recently listed $2M
Eddy Gulch Group current gold reserves estimated 900,000 oz., 
Note: This map is accurate for illustrative purposes only. The full legal description of this mining claim is on public record at the Bureau of Land Management, Sacramento, CA.

Region - General Location - About;
The area between Sawyers Bar & Cecilville contains some of the largest and richest mines in Northern CA. The Black Bear, King Solomon, Uncle Sam & Eddy Gulch are a few of the most noted. This is a region of extreme richness in gold. This map is far from complete in terms of this regions' recovered values.

This remote group of gold properties is clearly marked with brightly colored orange Federal Mining Claim Signs. Upstream & downstream boundaries are clearly staked & flagged with bright green ribbons. Unimproved camping areas are plentiful  Improved camping areas (that provide water and restroom facilities) are also available in the immediate area - apprx. 3.5 miles downriver at the Hotelling CG.  Below, is a snapshot of some of the gold recovery documentation / notoriety, in this well renowned gold-rich region;
Please be aware that mining claims are federally protected.  Anyone found prospecting a mining claim without express consent from the owner can be charged with criminal trespass and theft.  
Please be certain to contact us in advance before visiting any of our gold properties.

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South Fork Salmon River -  
Some of the most renowned high-grade gold sources in America.
Known as; The richest little river in the U.S. -  The 12-mile section of the North Fork between Sawyer's Bar & the Forks of Salmon has kicked out billions of dollars in gold.
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The Graham Gulch Gold Mines
3 contiguous unpatented gold properties - 400 combined acres
Salmon River Mining District - Siskiyou County, CA
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in a region highly prized for its richness in gold 
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