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The Graham Gulch Gold Mines
In a region highly prized for its richness in gold
A metal detectorists delight.

Outstanding Combination Of River & Hardrock Mining Opportunities In Pocket Gold Country! 

Vast 400-acres in one of the richest gold producing trends in the U.S.  Documented discovery of a 31-lb. pocket found on this property. A high-grade gold region that has yet to be explored by modern means.  Don't let this one slip away.

$2,100 down / $795 mo. Terms
Sale price; $179,000

Situated in the middle of 3 major wilderness areas...
Separated from the Redwoods only by the coastal range...
Vast beauty, Lesser-traveled, Adventure, Excitement...

Extreme Northern California's Gold Rich Salmon River Region
It's a wild place to explore

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Property Information

A Metal Detectorist's Delight!

31-pound surface pocket discovered on Graham Gulch!
Nearly $1/2M at today's gold price. Figuring gold values at $1,200 oz.

It was reported that this miner wheeled
his barrow from Trinity Center by way
of Etna and Sawyers Bar,
and struck a 31-lb. pocket of gold
on Graham Gulch.
(Apprx. $1/2M at today's gold price).

Aside from the real possibility for
additional surface pockets to be located,
this documented discovery suggests
there are larger secondary and third pockets that are yet to be found!

What this entire area needs is a thorough going-over with today's modern detectors for the entire length of the gulch.

If you're looking for an extraordinary group of unpatented placer gold properties located off the beaten path but not too far from operational provisions...  an exceptional collection of gold claims that offers more than the usual area to prospect for good gold, anytime of year, on a river that's well known for its big gold history and present-day gold discoveries, then this is a listing you might want to consider.
  • Nearly 1/2-mile of a well documented gold-rich waterway
  • 2 known adits 
  • History of a significant surface pocket gold discovery

Prime for gold-finding exploration.
A high-grade gold region that has yet to be explored by modern means.

This group of gold properties is for anyone looking for a massive area to prospect for gold in this historically gold-rich region. Pull right in to easy riverside meadows, take out your lawn chairs and all of your gold-finding equipment, and begin your gold prospecting vacations. 

A large collection of gold properties that may accommodate for smaller commercial operations &/or for the enjoyment of any casual gold mining activities; detecting /nugget-shooting, pocket gold hunting, dredging, highbanking, sluicing, sniping, crevicing & panning. This outstanding gold property collection has it all.

Loaded with gold traps that can build over time into enormous
cache's of gold
Aside from the potential for dredging and the excitement of finding gold by use of any number of casual gold-finding methods on nearly 1/2 mile of river and its benches above, this one-of-a-kind group of gold properties also offers the possibility for strategic early stage surface and underground gold development projects where no attempt has been made to systematically explore for gold in this area. The tunnel areas are fairly well defined where the old timers began their operations. What might be extremely rewarding at this time is to investigate with some modern-day applications by use of simple sampling techniques using detectors and portable back-pack drills.

Apart from the placers, it is stated that lode veins were found and mined in this area until about 1940. The lodes were said to have had both massive bodies and stringers which ran to high grade pockets.  The area was active until around the start of World War II.  Little prospecting has taken place since. 

This group of gold claims is easily priced for a couple of families to own or a few partners to share. It is large enough to split into several sections; sell a few and keep others, lease parts or all, hold sections or all for speculative reasons, etc..  If the moratorium on patenting is lifted, this collection could be worth millions.  A collection this large offers its owner(s) much in the way of opportunity and many different options.

400-acres to explore in an area that has documented discoveries of huge gold finds. An intriguing forgotten arena to prospect for massive amounts of gold any time of year.


Included with this sale: Three (3) contiguous unpatented mining claims
Names:  Graham Gulch, Last Chance, The Wanda Mine
Apprx. acreage:  400 combined
River length:  Apprx. 2,000 Ft.
Location:  Klamath National Forest, Salmon River Mining District - South Fork of the Salmon River, Siskiyou County, CA
CAMC Numbers:  0291857, 0295167, 0295168/ T39N R12W Sec 21,28,29,32 MDM

Access / Accommodations

4WD is not necessary to access the property. Hard-surface (pavement) leads directly to a large open meadow area on the river - Great area for use as a base-camp.  An old dirt road follows alongside Graham Gulch leading up to the adits/mines -  accessible on foot as age & weather has taken its toll. The property is remote, vast, relatively easy to explore. The town of Etna is apprx. 40 miles to the northeast where gasoline, groceries, RV parks, laundry facilities, cafe's, and other accommodations are easily accessible.


Each property we offer for sale is situated in gold bearing land in a region where placer and lode mining operations have recovered (and documented) billions of dollars worth of gold.  This is pocket gold country where very large gold specimens have been discovered.   Natural gold traps in this region have the potential to contain incredible cache's of gold. Conservatively speaking, our river placer properties contain hundreds if not thousands of ounces of fine gold within their boundaries as well as untold amounts of specimen gold nuggets. Persistent panning should produce an approx. pennyweight of gold per day using nothing more than a few basic hand tools. Any serious highbanking operation should result in the recovery of a minimum of 2-5 pennyweight a day. (1/8-1/4 oz.).  Based on what we have recovered here and on several adjacent claims, a 5-in. dredge should result in an average recovery of 1/4-1oz. of gold per day. This does not include hitting into rich paystreaks, finding specimen gold nuggets, locating gold-filled seams / cracks in bedrock, or finding pockets / sources of gold. These are incredible values at today's prices to say nothing of future bullish gold price speculations. Currently there is a moratorium on dredging that is in ongoing litigation that is subject to change in the future,

All things considered we are certain you will find this collection fairly priced to sell.  The price is based upon very positive values recovered on the property - upstream and downstream from the property - and on the current price of gold.  This group offers multiple opportunities for mining with good access overall in a remote section of the ancient river channel on a river that is known for its ongoing gold discoveries. The layout of the properties is excellent in terms of access, camping, convenience, and challenge. The properties have been virtually untouched by modern gold mining methods.  We also offer terms -This should speak loudly of the confidence we have in the integrity of the gold properties we sell. Paying quantities of gold is guaranteed.

The Salmon River region is an excellent source for finding lots of
high-grade gold.

If you're in the market for owning a great gold property, there is no place on Earth where you will find anything quite like this region. Two of the most successful mining clubs in the U.S. have concentrated their efforts in this area... this in itself speaks loudly of this regions' richness. This is a place with excellent potential for getting gold in your riffles every time... where the history of California's gold rush still lives on... where prospectors young and old can experience the thrill of finding gold in one of the richest gold mining regions in America.

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On A Personal Note;

With over 30-years mining history in this region, here's some of what Mike, Owner/ Founder of The Claim Post, has to say about these properties;

Graham Gulch was one of the earlier discoveries on the South Fork dating back around 1900. There were various mines throughout it's course, and production was around 2,000 ounces of gold, much from shallow pockets. Some fissues were exposed and no doubt there are others that are near surface that have never been exploited. One individual discovered a surface pocket containing more than 300 ounces of high grade gold. It would be safe to assume that a great deal of gold from this gulch was never reported to anyone.

The California Division of Mines lists three or four different mines in this area around 1900: The Wanda Group which consisted of several prospects and tunnels, The Last Chance Mine, & The Deerlick Mine. map   For whatever reason, these claims were eventually abandoned, but around 1912, a Mr. Yokum filed a couple of claims in this area.  We think it is the same Yokum that owned the settlement / store just downriver about half a mile, called; Yokumville.

Then, around 1920, David Evans, (the uncle of Paul Evans who owned Glasgow Bar - a downriver unpatented piece... - Paul was also part owner of the patented river parcel named; The Missouri Bar, situated adjacent to the Glasgow Bar), filed over the Wanda Group area. He kept them until around 1980, and then Paul Evans filed the Quirt Group in this same area. I was on this property in 1988 and helped Paul put a load of steel pipe in one of the tunnels. He claimed the mines had been good to his uncle and that there were many undiscovered pockets and fissues within his mines. I was shown some nice specimens that had quartz wrapped around spongy looking gold. Paul was very secretive about things, but I sensed he wanted to show me much more.

Paul really believed in these old properties and I think if his health would have been better, he would have pursued it till the end. I recall him saying that his Glasgow Bar would pay the bills, but that his Graham Gulch Mines would set him up for life. He died about 5 years later, and I don't think that any of his family (all daughters) were interested in gold mining.

Looking back at the records, there have been a number of claims filed around this gulch. To me, this would indicate that there would be good potential here with modern prospecting methods such as metal detecting and deep penetrating locators.  I believe that there were many small fissues within this entire system, and that collectively they contributed greatly to the deposits found down on the Salmon River.

It would be reasonable to assume that a great deal of gold has traveled by way of Graham Gulch to the river itself.   Less than 2 miles upstream, on the South Fork of the Salmon River, is where the Starveout Placer Mine is located, which was one of the largest hydraulic mines upon the Salmon River. This mine brought down thousands upon thousands of cubic yards of ancient bench material which was well known to carry good values of gold within it's gravels. We know that much of the finer gold was never captured through their longtoms, and simply went right on back into the river. This strip of the South Fork River also had many other placer mines upon high benches, and several  were known producers according to CDM reports from this era.

Rick Brooks owned a claim on the river in this same area called; The Tom Placer, from about 1980 till 2006. I never met the guy nor have I ever seen a dredge or any other kind of mining equipment on this property in all these years.

Owning a gold property is an option against an unknown future - Reserves for using when you
need to.

Given today's economy there is something very comforting about having real gold in ones' safe; security personified, beautiful tangible gold that you can actually hold in your hands. Essentially the best hedge against both wild inflation and deep depression is the time honored inflation-proof, depression-proof, store of value; Gold. Unlike paper money or stocks, gold requires no CEO or board of directors. It is self backed - valuable in itself - an actual wealth that can be found on / in the ground. There couldn’t be a better time to own a real gold property.

Please be aware that mining claims are federally protected. Anyone found prospecting a mining claim without express consent from the owner can be charged with criminal trespass and theft. Please be certain to contact us in advance before visiting any of our gold properties.