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Sale price; $175,000
Brown's Bar II Placer Gold Property
20 acre unpatented mining claim 
Salmon River Mining District, Siskiyou County, CA
A World-Class Gold Property Listing
Situated in the middle of 3 major wilderness areas...
Separated from the Redwoods only by the coastal range... 
Vast beauty, Lesser-traveled, Adventure, Excitement...

Extreme Northern California's Gold Rich Salmon River Region
It's a wild place to explore

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The North Fork of the Salmon River, aka; "The Richest Little River In America".  
Claims of this caliber may come available once in a lifetime.

Located within a district where its big gold history and present-day gold discoveries are well documented - A secluded unpatented gold property in the ancient river channel on a highly coveted section of river where pounds of gold is possible for the finding. Casual recreational gold-finding methods are abundant. Nuggets up to several ounces are very common in this area. Good gold is guaranteed. 

Included with this sale:  One (1) unpatented placer gold mining claim.  What's this?
Name:  Brown's Bar II
Apprx. acreage:  20 
River length:  Apprx. 1/4 mile 
Location:  Klamath National Forest, Salmon River Mining District, North Fork Salmon River, Siskiyou County, CA 
CAMC Number: 0277923 
Description: SW1/4 of Section 28 and the SE1/4 of Section 29 and the NE1/4 of Section 32 and the NW1/4 of Section 33, T40N, R12W, Mt. Diablo Meridian, Siskiyou County, State of California.  

Prime for gold-finding exploration. Year-round prospecting opportunities in a proven gold-rich environment. Never systematically prospected by modern means. 
This is not your average gold claim. 
Access / Accommodations 

This property has rare driveway access from pavement to the river. The property offers wide-ranging opportunity anytime-of-year for recreational gold mining activities - It doesn't freeze in winter months. There's a pure natural spring on the property  - a very rare attribute. The river doesn't have super deep murky water or under currents that can be dangerous. The Salmon River watershed is clean, completely undammed & unpolluted with its drainage coming from high upon the summits rather than through large towns & farmlands. The property is remote, vast, relatively easy to explore. Large enough to accommodate multiple gold-finding operations at the same time. Small-scale gold prospecting opportunities are abundant. Provides more than 4-football fields in length of predominately virgin current-day riverbed and surrounding bench material to prospect. Overhead is low. No huge financial burdens to employ. Drive in, set up camp and begin your gold prospecting vacations. The town of Etna is apprx. 40 miles to the northeast where gasoline, groceries, RV parks, laundry facilities, cafe's, and other accommodations are easily accessible.

Prospects  -  Prime for gold-finding exploration. Year-round prospecting opportunities in a proven gold-rich environment. Never systematically prospected by modern means.  This is not your average gold claim. 

Enjoy finding gold by use of many casual methods.  You don't have to dive to the depths of the river to find good paying quantities of gold. Great gold can be found high & dry above the river. 

Every pool & boulder for this entire quarter-mile stretch needs to be explored in & around for sizeable gold nuggets. Crevicing logical gold traps & panning that material down can reveal loads of big fat flakes, fines, & chunky gold nuggets. Sniping around boulders can be very rewarding. Flakes, fines & nice sized nuggets can get lodged in low-pressure areas in the river & all along the river banks. Detectors & highbankers can be fun to use all along the river banks & on the high benches above. This is pocket gold country! Look for signs for "bagging and tagging" up to the source.  Wherever there is a gulch or any water that is cutting through the land, these water sources are known to cut through orebodies / unearth, and carry lots of gold. 

This extremely rare gold property has highly favorable prospects for finding lots of high-grade gold. The property is less than a few thousand feet downriver from two past historic hydraulic operations that brought massive amounts of gold-carrying material downriver to / through this property.  It's loaded with gold traps that can build over time into enormous cache's of gold.  Any major storms should always be draining rich new high-grade material to this property. The claim should be carrying pretty heavy values. Nuggets up to several ounces are very common in this area. Findings indicate high platinum values along this river as well. Testing over time has shown excellent values. This is a property where you should see good gold in your riffles at every cleanup, not just specks of color. 

Gold Is Money! Enjoy employing multiple gold-finding operations any time of year.  Work the property for immediate returns &/or hold as a speculative investment opportunity in the event of patenting being reinstated &/or the price of gold going higher.

Values - The richness of this region and the gold recovered is documented in multiple County, State, and Federal reports and documents. Every inch of this property needs to be prospected by modern means. 

Each property we offer for sale is situated in gold bearing land in a region where placer and lode mining operations have recovered (and documented) billions of dollars worth of gold.  

In most cases our mining claims will pay for themselves over and over again for decades to come.  A past customer recovered approximately one-half of his purchase price in less than two weeks (of dredging) on his mining claim. He moved less than 30-linear feet of streambed. He has approximately 1,290-ft. left to mine (in the river), let alone prospecting any high bench material for placer, pockets, sources / lodes, overall.
Currently there's a moratorium on dredging that is in ongoing litigation, In all probability this property is just getting values continue to accumulate,

This is pocket gold country, where very large gold specimens have been discovered. Natural gold traps in this region have the potential to contain incredible pockets of gold. 

Conservatively speaking, our river placer properties should contain thousands of ounces of fine gold within their boundaries as well as untold amounts of big fat flakes, jewelry-sized pickers, and very large chunky-sized specimen gold nuggets. Persistent panning should produce an approx. pennyweight of gold per day using nothing more than a few basic hand tools. Any serious highbanking operation should result in the recovery of a minimum of 2-5 pennyweight a day, (1/8-1/4 oz.).  Based on what we have recovered here and on several adjacent claims any hard worker with a 5-in. dredge should result in an average recovery of 1/4 - 1oz.of gold per day. This does not include hitting into rich paystreaks, finding specimen gold nuggets, locating gold-filled seams or cracks in bedrock or the abundance of richness that can be found on bedrock, or finding pockets / sources of gold. 
These are incredible values at today's prices, to say nothing of future bullish gold price speculations.


This property is rare.  A very small percentage of land in the lower 48 is known to contain this quality of richness in gold.  Of all the gold claims in the U.S., only a few hundred people own gold properties of this caliber. This is a chance to own one of the very best gold claims in America.

All things considered we are certain you will find this property fairly priced to sell.
The price is based upon very positive values recovered on the property - upstream and downstream from the property, and on the current price of gold. This gold claim offers multiple opportunities for mining with great access overall in a remote section of the ancient river channel on a river that is known for its ongoing gold discoveries. The layout of the property is excellent in terms of access, camping, convenience, and challenge. The property has been virtually untouched by modern gold mining methods.  We also offer terms -This should speak loudly of the confidence we have in the integrity of the gold properties we sell. Paying quantities of gold is guaranteed.

Rarely will you find one of these particular gold claims being offered for sale. 

What one most often finds in any historically productive placer gold mining area is that all the accessible good (mineral-in-character) placer ground is staked up and has been for decades with title maintained.  In other instances, some unclaimed land may be "mineral-in-character", but the deposit is situated in extremely rugged utterly inaccessible terrain, steep-walled canyons, sometimes without even an access trail and/or miles from existing roads.  

This is a rare opportunity to own a placer gold property that provides excellent access to approximately 1/4 mile of waterway that is historically known as one of the richest gold producers in the United States - where owners find gold in paying quantities rather than just specks of color. This is an area where paying quantities of gold can be found within this property's ancient river gravels, that predominately remain virgin, and very rich in gold

If the properties are so rich, why is The Claim Post selling (them)? 

We are a small independent company that has been conducting our own gold mining ventures in this area for many decades. Over the course of many years, we have worked hard to locate and secure the rights to a handful of high grade gold mining properties in this region; some of which, we are holding onto, and a few of which, we are offering for sale.  Available mining properties in this region are rare.  We invite you to consider the few mining properties we are offering for sale in this region.

The Salmon River region is an excellent source for finding lots of high-grade gold.

If you're in the market for owning a great gold property, there is no place on Earth where you will find anything quite like this region. Two of the most successful mining clubs in the U.S. have concentrated their efforts in this area... this in itself speaks loudly of this regions' richness. This is a place with excellent potential for getting gold in your riffles every time... where the history of California's gold rush still lives on... where prospectors young and old can experience the thrill of finding gold in one of the richest gold mining regions in America. 

​If it's quality you seek, contact us when you're ready to own a gold property.

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The Money's In The Bank!.

Please be aware that mining claims are federally protected.
Anyone found prospecting a mining claim without express consent from the owner can be charged with criminal 
trespass and theft. Our properties are closely monitored. 
Please be certain to contact us in advance before visiting any of our gold properties.
Known As: "The Richest Little River In America!"
Only a few hundred people in the lower-48 own claims of this caliber.  A very special offer.
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in a region highly prized for its richness in gold 
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