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The Trail Creek Gold Mines        photos /,details

Extraordinary 920-acres. Recreational & hardrock gold mining opportunities. Over $3-Million in gold recovered worked simply by hand! Serious to casual / recreational gold mining opportunities are abundant.

Unpatented Placer & Hardrock Gold Mining & Mineral Exploration. 
Casual recreational gold mining opportunities to serious operations.

​$1,700 down / $795 mo.
As you look around at the many different "mining claims" being offered today - 

Aside from the seller guaranteeing that the title is free of any encumbrances, 
a major concern should be whether or not the property actually contains paying quantities of whatever valuable minerals being promoted. The initial key factor being, that a discovery of valuable mineral deposit exists within the claim that is worth the effort to develop and mine to eventually produce a profit. Because if one does not, the mining claim is invalid.

If the seller can't show you their own recovered values, or speak of past production averages, or if you can't find any valuable minerals either, and the purchase price is less than a few ounces of gold, you might want to reconsider that purchase.

Owning a real gold property is an option against an unknown future - Reserves for using when you need to.

Time honored inflation-proof, depression-proof, store of value; Gold. It is self backed - valuable in itself - an actual wealth that can be found on / in the ground. There couldn’t be a better time to own a real gold property.

Contact us when you're in the market for owning a valid first-class quality gold property. Ours are like no-where else in the world. We show you gold, right from the start.

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Situated in the middle of 3 major wilderness areas...
Separated from the Redwoods only by the coastal range... 
Vast beauty, Lesser-traveled, Adventure, Excitement...

Extreme Northern California's Gold Rich Salmon River Region
It's a wild place to explore

Featured Listings
The Big Cliff Gold Mines                 photos / details

Outstanding 160-acre gold property. 7 documented gold mines located in the heart of one of the richest gold producing trends in the U.S..This is pocket gold country! 

Unpatented Placer & Hardrock Gold Mining & Mineral Exploration. 
Casual recreational gold mining opportunities to serious operations.

$1,100 down / $650 mo.
Graham Gulch Gold Mines         photos / details

Exceptionally large 400-acre gold property. 
$1/2 Million pocket found! Suggests there are more. 
This is not your average gold claim.

Unpatented gold property located on the river, Hardrock gold mining & mineral exploration. Casual recreational gold mining opportunities to serious operations.

$1,500 down / $725 mo.
Brown's Bar II Gold Property   photos / details

Very rare 20-acre gold claim on what is known as; 
"The Richest Little River In the U.S.". 
 World Class. Cadillac Quality.

Unpatented Gold Property Located On The River..Geared more toward the weekend enthusiast to the seasoned prospector. 

$1,200 down / $650 mo,
The Claim Post... representing the finest in gold property listings. 

High-grade gold mining properties  for sale. 
Liberty & Salmon River Mining Districts. Siskiyou County, CA

We are a small independent company with more than 40-years experience in the gold mining industry who have predominantly focused our attention and gold recovery labors in this region.

While taking in to account what has been documented by state and federal agencies, historians, geologists, scientists, & by way of our own experience, we believe this area represents an incredible opportunity for recovering mass quantities of gold within proven gold producing trends that boast phenomenal records of gold production history. 

We invite you to consider the few mining properties we are offering for sale in this region.

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Prices are subject to change contingent upon the reinstatement of dredging or patenting or higher gold market values. Purchase while available at today's low price.
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Located in the heart of one of the richest gold producing trends in the U.S..  
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